I am an author, Voice over artist, and ghost writer; making my mark in this world: one word at a time.
I hope you will join me on my journey.
Follow me for some tips and advice. I will help you here with some things I have learned along the way.

So WELCOME to my world. Ian's world!

My latest eBook, and AudioBook is Origins Halloween, which has received great reviews, and for only $3.99 by clicking Here, you too can see for yourself - well, the Origins of Halloween.

I'm doing something different with my world, I'm over the hum-drum of the norm. YOU can do something about your world too.

Your attitude will determine your altitude in this busy place we call life.
It will take some effort on your part, but you will reap the fruit of your labour!

If you keep doing the same things you have always done, then you will always get the same results you have always had!

Now, before we explore further; Here's my web site-map. . .

  • Page TWO Notes taken from an outstanding interview with a well known nutritionist; he'll give you some controversial "Food For Thought" on our modern diets. It is a MUST read!
  • Page THREE will give you amazing evidence of how to actually Cure Cancer! yourself. This information has actually been BANNED by the American FDA and other government departments. Controversial? Absolutely! Helpful? YES.
  • Page FOUR is my favourite! I like a nice coffee, and a great eBook together. This is some interesting information and NEW idea's of the way our world's literature preferences is changing.
  • Page FIVE has a "thought provoking theme," through it for some. Also an introduction: (Funny place for an intro?)
    and now, my BRILLIANT NEW BOOK . . . "UNDER THE OCEAN" Which has recently been launched!

    If you want to read a few chapters (30% of my book actually - for free!) then Click HERE, I'm sure you will LOVE it!

    Also, further on down - a personal story about myself.

  • Of course all the way through these pages you are spoilt for choice as there is shopping throughout!
    Now lets get this show on the road!

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